Perceptual Training Under Stress

‘Eyes-on’ practice with classifying radiological images is paramount to develop the skill, but practice opportunities can be rare, and given the safety-critical nature of surgery, successful operation must take precedence over learning opportunities for veterinary students. Additionally, during an actual surgery these images need to be classified in a stressful environment, but it is unclear whether learning to classify the images in a stressful environment would be beneficial to learning the skill compared to learning parts of the whole task separately then combining the components later. Simulation training is a promising avenue for instilling this skill, and the stress-management strategies associated with successful actual performance of the skill, in veterinary students. I am currently developing and validating a simulated training module for veterinary students to learn to classify radiological images under different workload levels, and determining which type of training method yields the best results.

Presentation slides available here (PDF).

Publication available here (PDF).