Overviews of past and present research projects

Expert Processes in Video Games

Chess experts have served as a classic test-bed for psychological research in to experts and the processes of expert performance. Chess is an attractive means to study experts because experts are classified by levels, have a lot of experience, and the game itself is self-contained, lending itself to carefully controlled study. Video games are a … Continue reading Expert Processes in Video Games

Gesture and Problem Solving

People spontaneously produce gestures while they speak. Interestingly research from Susan Goldin-Meadow and colleagues has revealed that gesture is important not only for communicating our thoughts to others, but may reveal and guide our own thought processes while engaged in problem solving. I am currently engaged in research that examines this phenomenon, looking at the … Continue reading Gesture and Problem Solving

Perceptual Training Under Stress

‘Eyes-on’ practice with classifying radiological images is paramount to develop the skill, but practice opportunities can be rare, and given the safety-critical nature of surgery, successful operation must take precedence over learning opportunities for veterinary students. Additionally, during an actual surgery these images need to be classified in a stressful environment, but it is unclear … Continue reading Perceptual Training Under Stress