Product Design

Overviews of past and present product design projects.


Human Factors in Games

Human Factors in Games is a resource for applications of psychological theories and method for video games. Our goal is to share our knowledge, thoughts, and experiences with methods from human factors psychology as they can applied to the study and design of video games. This is for game designers, user experience and usability professionals, … Continue reading Human Factors in Games

Virtual Environment Guidelines

Guidelines for virtual environment design in the context of oceanographic scientific data display Literature-based set of guidelines created with team. Completed as a course excercise. Presentation slides available here (PDF).   Worked on a team of human factors graduate students to develop a set of guidelines for interaction with a virtual environment. As a team, we … Continue reading Virtual Environment Guidelines

Animal Companion Prosthesis

Worked as the human factors representative on an interdisciplinary team redesigning a canine prosthetic leg. We focused on usability based on informal interviews with users, and single-case evaluations with prototypes. The resulting design could be 3D printed based on 3D scans of the canine’s opposite leg, drastically reducing manufacturing time and effort from the manufacturer’s … Continue reading Animal Companion Prosthesis